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Flat Tire Defender - FTD II E-Bike 27.5" & 29"


FTD II E-Bike Tubeless Race


Why are FTD II so important for E-Bike mountain bikes: E-Bikes are heavier, sustain higher speeds and carry more load on tires and rims.

FTD II E-Bike is 40% wider to maximize rim protection and dampen out suspension harshness on rough terrain, 30% taller to maximize tire sidewall support and allow lower tire pressure for increased traction, light weight to minimize rolling resistance and un-sprung weight, excellent high quality foam rubber based material (no pool noodle here). All this at a very affordable price!

Based on Flat Tire Defender field testing, we’ve found on average, tire pressure can be reduced approximately 10% from a tubeless tire pressure without foam inserts.

PSI Guide*
FTD II (E-Bike): Range 26psi to 32psi

  • Fits Inner Rim width 35mm to 42mm
  • Kit Contains Foam Insert & Valve Stem
  • Super glue is provided to assist in adhering the two ends together. 
  • Recommended Tire Width 2.60/2.80
  • 27.5″ Weight 220-230 grams (each)
  • 29″ Weight 240-250 grams (each)

Watch Install Video:

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