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DOT Fluid

Certainly the most commonly used brake fluid in use today, due to it's wide use in the automotive industry, is DOT fluid. 

TruckerCo have the best HIGH PERFORMANCE SUPER DOT 4+ BRAKE FLUID for you!

  • Higher Temperature Performance 500° DOT 4+
  • Low Viscosity Formula
  • Lower Moisture Absorbtion
  • Superior Low Temperature Flow


  • For ALL DOT 3, DOT 4 AND DOT 5.1 systems
  • Please see your brake manufacturer owner's manual for bleeding instructions, warranty and compatibility
  • Corrosive to paint and other surfaces.
  • Exceeds SAE J1705 / US 116 DOT / ISO 4925 Class 6 Specification.

Warning:  Contains Glycol ethers and Borate esters.

Super Dot 4 Fluid 250ml

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