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Dirt Jump

ADVANCE 26 is specifically designed for Dirt Jump, with a strong emphasis on impact resistance. It's perfect for SONIC BOOM!

Its 35mm width not only reinforces the entire rim but also provides a larger contact patch. Moreover, its double-wall aluminum construction makes it exceptionally durable while remaining quite lightweight, weighing in at only 485g!

Additionally, it comes equipped with 32H stainless steel eyelets, capable of handling the complex tension exerted by spokes, ensuring maximum strength. Furthermore, it is tubeless ready.

• Material: Aluminum
• Size: 26” * 32H
• Outer Width: 35mm
• Inner Width: 30mm
• Effective Rim Diameter (ERD): 531.5mm
• Height: 19mm
• Weight: 485g
• Available Colors: Matte Black/Silver



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