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Engineered by Motorcycle Legend Erik Buell


FUELL Fllow is not just an electric motorcycle; it’s an urban e-commuter that captures the essence of freedom and innovation — fusing exhilarating performance, exceptional range, and sustainable mobility into a single extraordinary and future-proof machine.


Imagine effortlessly maneuvering through congested city streets with the agility and nimbleness of a two-wheeler designed for heavy traffic.


Get ready to ride into the future.


Fllow is a modern "e-commuter" that combines advanced features for a truly modern urban riding experience. Packing a 10Kwh battery, an innovative wheel motor with a power of 47hp (optional 15hp), a highway-capable top speed, high-voltage architecture and a less-than-30-minutes charging time.

Premium Specs

Exclusive Rear Wheel Motor

Premium Specs


Ultra Fast Charging &

Connected Dashboard



MonoStruct© Technology

150+ Mile Urban Range


Fllow is built around the urban commute — to the office, getting groceries, visiting friends across town, or just cruising around.

Its high-capacity 10 kWh battery enables a real urban range of 150+ miles (240+ km).. … for an average 15-mile commute, that means you’ll have to charge just once a week!

Full Charge in Under 30 Minutes

With a high-capacity 10 kWh battery pack integrated into the chassis, capable of charging at public charging stations, you can charge your Fllow from 0-100% in under 30 minutes.

Topping up from 20-90%, the most common charging cycle, can be done even faster — in less than 15 minutes!

Just enough to get a coffee, check a few emails, and be back on the road.

2 Ride Modes to Match Your Style


Designed to match your riding style and adapt to varying conditions, Fllow offers two distinct riding modes.

Urban mode is designed to conserve energy and navigate congested city streets. It optimizes power delivery and prioritizes efficiency, allowing you to extend your range and make the most of every charge.

Audacious mode unleashes the full potential of Fllow — allowing you to reach top speeds and lightning-fast acceleration as you challenge the limits of performance.


Upgrade Your Fllow over Time


Imagine a world where 150 miles of range seems ordinary, and 1000 miles becomes the new standard. Thanks to Fllow’s modular design, you won't need to replace it with a new model when that day arrives.

The battery pack, rear wheel motor, and fast charging socket can all be upgraded to your preferences, and the software will receive regular upgrades, to match the latest advancements and push the boundaries even further.

So don’t wait until the technology matures.
With Fllow, you're always ahead of the curve.

50-liter Secured Storage Space


Opening the cargo department gives you ample space to store your gear and more.

Fllow can comfortably fit a day bag, a full-face helmet, and still have room to spare in its 50 liters of storage space. And because it’s built in, you no longer need to sacrifice aerodynamics, aesthetics or mileage to carry your things! 

The SmarterCommuter


Control, view, and service everything through your Fllow’s integrated dashboard and associated app. Seamlessly connect your ride with your smartphone and manage Fllow.



Travel 150 miles for $2 

Riding electric means no more stressing over soaring fuel prices.  No more budget-busting trips to refill your tank.

Fllow's electric powertrain allows significant savings on your daily commute.So you can ride 150+ miles at an average cost of just $2.

Designed, Engineered & Assembled in USA


Fllow is designed in the US by Erik Buell and his FUELL team, and built by a team of US technicians.

The FUELL team has unique experience in designing and operating flexible assembly lines, capable of delivering up to 15,000 units per year.

Compared to a gas-powered equivalent, Fllow has 60% less parts and can be assembled 40% faster, speeding up production and passing on cost savings directly to you.



Brilliantly Optimized Powertrain

Fllow optimizes chassis handling and generates optimal power flow — a very high torque of 750 Nm (553 lb-ft) at a weight under 400 lbs (180 kg).


eTraction and launch control manages wheelies and wheel slip enhancing safety when accelerating from 0 to 60 mph/100kmh in 3.5 seconds.

Built to Last

Lightweight alloy castings, including a magnesium monocoque “MonoStruct ©”, make Fllow exceptionally durable.

And by integrating the upgradable battery pack directly into the chassis structure, Fllow achieves maximum structural stability while keeping the e-commuter as light as possible.


Integrated RearWheel Motor


By integrating its Axially Integrated Transverse Flux motor directly into the rear wheel, Fllow eliminates one transmission step — maximizing power while reducing weight.

Its design allows a sealed housing for durability, and allows you to quickly change tires without disturbing the motor.


based on testing of pre-production vehicles. Specification will be updated from testing on production level vehicle

Advanced Braking System


Featuring a patent-pending Advanced Braking System, Fllow includes a front hydraulic disc brake with ABS, and drops the rear brake pedal — integrating the braking mechanism straight into the rear wheel’s motor.

This allows for regenerative braking, generating power as you drive and charging your battery every time you slow down — enabling you to ride further on a single charge.


Details That Set Fllow Apart  



      Powertrain Advanced technology, proprietary electric
      wheel motor (patent pending)
      Power Fllow-1–15 hp (upgradable to 1S)
      Fllow-1S–47 hp
      Torque 750 Nm (553lb-ft)


      Speed max (sustained) 85 mph (140 kmh)
      Range (Urban) 150 miles (240 kms)
      0-100 kph 3.5 sec


      Battery Capacity 10 kWh
      Battery Type Li-Ion cylindrical cell array in structural
      magnesium housing
      Battery Voltage 400V
      Regenerative Braking Rear wheel regenerative braking activated
      automatically by application of the linked
      braking system (patent pending)
      Recharging Quick charge or home w/ Onboard or
      accessory Fast Chargers
      Charge Port CCS
      Charging Rate 750W on board, 3.3kW & 6.6kW available
      accessory fast chargers
      Recharge Time
      ~30 min (CCS Type 2, DC)
      Recharge Time Home 100% Charge:
      ~10 hours (Onboard),
      ~2.5 hours (3.3 kW Optional),
      ~1.25 hours (6.6 kW Optional)
      Typical Cost to Recharge $2


      Chassis Material Magnesium Monocoque (MonoStruct© Technology)
      Storage Capacity 50 liters (patent pending)
      Front Suspension Inverted Ø 40 mm telescopic forks
      Rear Suspension Single sided swingarm. Rear shock with
      adjustable preload
      Front Brake Hydraulic disc ABS
      Rear Brake Integrated regenerative ABS
      Front Wheel 2.50 x 17"
      Front Tire 110/70-17
      Rear Wheel 4.00 x 17"
      Rear Tire 140/70-17



      Weight <400 lbs (180 kg)
      Wheelbase 1370mm
      Seat Height (unladen) 30.1"



      Power Pack 5 Years/Unlimited Miles
      Motorcycle 2 Years/Unlimited Miles



      • Vehicle Status Application on iPhone/Android
      • eTraction Control
      • 2 Ride Modes (Urban, Audacious)
      • Illuminated Storage Compartment
      • Linked Intelligent ABS
      • Hands Free Lock/Unlock and Engage
      • Connected, Interactive Dashboard
      • Walk and Reverse Assist
      • Blind Side Detection
      • Front Collision Warning
      • Rear Collision Warning



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