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Our starting kit includes amazing parts that we know your clients will love!


This kit contains:

  • 4x DaBomb Pedals: 2x Double Cross / 2x Popsicle
  • 3x DaBomb Stems: 1x Beretta / 1x Turret / 1x MK 2
  • 2x Lyne Stems: 1x AMP 31,8 40mm / 1x AMP 35 50mm
  • 3x DaBomb Handlebars: 1 of each kind (except carbon)
  • 2x Lyne Handlebars:   1 of each kind (except carbon)
  • 6x DaBomb Holy Shit Grips (1 of each color)
  • 1x Holy Rail Triangle Storage Box Kit + Multitool
  • 2x Shred Zeppelin
  • 1x Flat Tire Defender 29 " kit
  • 1x TruckerCo Cream Tire Sealant 250ml
N.B. Product colors are preset and can only be changed if they are sold out. Products may also vary according to availability.
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