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Organic Semi-Metallic compound

  • Steel back plate is heat resistant.
  • Excellent performance in wet and dry conditions.
  • High friction coefficient shortens stopping distance.
  • Safe to use with alloy, steel, and titanium rotors.
  • Packaging will not smash or bend springs.
  • Competition tested and race proven

Fits : Hayes Models: MX-2 (MX2), MX2-XC, MX-3, MX-4, MX-5, GX-C, GX-2, CX-1, Bengal Mechanical, Helix 1.1, MB700, MB700T, PH02, Cannondale Helix 6, Cannondale MB700

1 pair Semi-Metallic
TruckerCo Brake Pads
(2 pads, 1 wheel)

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