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Prime 9 Technology is a counter-intuitive philosophy based on the less is more theory.  It embraces range without adding complexity.  The outcome is fewer parts, reduced weight, and increased durability.


Want some of the advanced features and feel of Box One but need extra service life? Try out our Box One/Box Two Hybrid Prime 9 Groupset! With this pre-configured and pre-tested option, you'll receive a Box One shifter, derailleur, and chain paired to the durable Box Two cassette. And you'll save almost 250 bucks while you are at it.


    Our Box One tier is for those of you who just aren't satisfied with anything but the BEST! You like to get up there where the air is thin and the details matter. The chain's surface is Dual-coated with DLC + Nickel and is both beautiful and durable. Your thumb will push a textured die-cast lever on a shifter that's had its hinged clamp whittled away by our CNC machines. Let's finish this package off with a derailleur that flaunts a Fully Adjustable Tri-Pack™ Clutch and super smooth sealed bearing pulleys. Pamper yourself a little; you know you deserve it.

    Our Box Two tier's mission in life is to deliver performance similar to the Box One but without its exotic (and costly) features. You still get the Tri-Pack™ Clutch in our derailleur only it isn't adjustable. The cassette's 11-50T range is equally impressive but we don't cut it out of a single block of steel. The action on the shifter is just as snappy although you don't get the rigid die-cast pull lever. The chain boasts the same unique ability to mate with a wide/narrow chainring except you give up the trick DLC top coat. You're hardly shortchanging yourself with Box Two.



      For Aggressive Terrain
      Install at Home with Some Simple Bike Tools and Our Easy to Follow Video
      Prime 9 Technology™
      Compatible with HG Freehub Bodies
      Compatible with Standard Derailleur Hangers (Non Direct-Mount)
      Compatible with most 10,11, & 12-speed wide / narrow chain rings. Prime 9 chain must be used.




      Q: What is the difference between the Wide and X-Wide?
      A: The Wide cassette offers an 11-46T range while the X-Wide offers an 11-50T range.

      Derailleur hangers

      Q: Can I install this on my bike that uses a b-link for my current derailleur?

      A: Yes! All you need to do is remove your old derailleur and the b-link leaving the standard hanger attached to your bike frame. You can now mount your Box Components derailleur directly to the hanger on your frame.

      Q: Can I install this on my bike that currently has a direct mount hanger?

      A: Possibly, you will need to see if your frame manufacturer or a third party like wheelsMFG offers a standard mount hanger for your frame. 

      Cassette Body

      Q: Will Box be making cassettes compatible with XD or Microspline driver bodies?

      A: At this time our cassettes are only compatible with HG style MTB 8/9/10 speed or road 11 speed driver bodies. Most hub manufacturers offer the different

      Please see page 6 of our guide for notes regarding the 2 HG drivers.

      Crankset compatibility

      Q: Can I use X crankset with Prime 9?

      A: We recommend 1 by specific cranksets to achieve proper chainline and performance. The crankset you choose will depend on your bike frame and budget.

      Chainring Compatibility

      Q: Can I use my standard chainring with your Prime 9 drivetrain?

      A: For the best performance and chain retention we recommend you use a narrow wide 11 speed chainring. This will best match the internal geometry of our chains and provide you with the best riding experience. These are some of the brands we recommend, Wolftooth Components, Raceface, One Up Components, Absolute Black.


      The Box One multi shifter is the only shifter on the market that comes factory stock with a hinged (and machined) clamp. It's top of the line and comes packed with other features such as a durable cast aluminum pull lever and top shell.

      All Prime 9 shifters take advantage of the 9-speed's inherent durability, simplicity, and reliability. Not only is the shifter mechanism joyfully simplified, but fewer shifts are needed for every mile of travel.

      And the best part is?  Prime 9 is also terribly forgiving so you won't have to constantly adjust your set-up. Available as a multi-shift (pull several gears at once) or  single-shift shifter (a sound choice for e-bikes). 


      The Box One Prime 9 Rear Derailleur takes the advantages of our legacy 9-speed drive-train but adds the advancements of a modern 1 by; a fully adjustable Tri-Pack™ Clutch, and an x-wide cage optimized for an 11-50T cassette.

      Forged construction steps up the durability and performance to an unparalleled level. Suited for the most demanding terrain. 


      The Box Two cassette was where Prime 9 started. Originally conceived as an E-MTB product to deliver long service life and extra range over fewer gears, we quickly grew to enjoy its abilities on unpowered MTBs.

      All cogs are stamped from steel and subsequently, the larger ones are pinned to alloy spiders. Due to its provenance, this is, without doubt, the most durable cassette in the range.


      The Box One chain is protected by our dual-coating.

      We start with Nickel plating which aids in corrosion resistance and then top it off with the "Diamond-Like Carbon" layer.

      The DLC  is as fancy as it sounds; a synthetic diamond nano-coating that turns up the volume on hardness, wear-resistance, and slickness.

      All Prime 9 chains have chamfered shifting edges, solid plates and solid pins to safeguard durability. Our unique inner link spacing is engineered to grab those modern wide/narrow chainrings. We chose to modernize the 9-speed platform due to the chain's spirited reputation.



      Our Box One Shift Cable & Housing Kit is the easiest way to get silky smooth and consistent shifts on any drivetrain. Replace your Box One, Box Two, Shimano and SRAM kit, or upgrade your Box Three or Box Four set-up. This kit is a combination of our best performing Cable Housing and Slick Coated Stainless Steel inner cable. In lab tests this combination has proved to be superior to most competitive product. We have data that demonstrates lower initial resistance and substantially less difference in resistance over time. See the comparison chart - the data speaks for itself.

      Shift Cable Resistance Chart

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